music promotion services


What does Streamvita do?

Owned and operated by 7starzmedia LLC, Streamvita provides our clients with what we believe to be the best invention for the independent artist! We supply independent record labels, major record labels, artists managers, independent artists and major artists with the ability to purchase 100% royalty eligible music streaming promotion to all of their old or new releases. Streamvita with Vita meaning “life” in Latin, understands how important music streaming is in todays music world.


What we offer!

  • 100% authentic music streaming promotions
  • 100% usa targeted campaigns
  • Soundscan tracked results
  • Soundscan reports sent out weekly to clients as proof of campaign progress
  • Monthly packages or flat rate available
  • Record label and manager deals available
  • Affordable rates
  • 100% Royalty payouts
  • All genres of music welcomed
  • Singles, albums or ep’s welcomed
  • Ability to run millions of streams per month on any project
  • Premium streaming campaigns for Tidal, Napster, Google Play & Spotify