Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

  • You guys do not have a way to pay on the site and advertise that you are exclusive so not just anyone can work with your company. Why would you limit your company like that? 

– We do not limit ourselves at all. Having the particular service that we offer, especially being the only ones offering it, it only makes sense to remain exclusive. Exclusive to serious artists that understand the importance of what we do. We are hands on with all of our clients and if that means making less money in order to provide higher quality services to our existing and new clients, then so be it.


  • Do you guys accept pay pal as a payment option? 

– We have some clients that do in fact send us pay pal payments but as a whole, we do not operate our business via pay pal.


  • What is the most popular payment method used by your clients?

– Cash app and bank transfers.


  • How are you guys able to provide real soundscan reports and why can’t anyone else online do this too? 

-We do this for the clients. Without soundscan they cant see what movement is being done on their campaigns. Other companies can not offer soundscan because soundscan is extremely expensive per month to access. We cover the cost so the clients are comfortable seeing progress week to week on their promotion.


  • Do you offer services that are not located on your website?

-Absolutely! We have our hands on all aspects of music promotion but some services require a more personal and hands on approach. This requires us to deal with the artist directly.


  • I can’t just send money to a stranger I have never met before. Can I actually text or call someone to speak with? 

-Yup! Unlike many other companies in our niche, we have online and also offline support. On our contact us page is a working number to text or call one of our agents.


  • You guys completed my promotion but I want to order more streams for my new music. What is the limit? 

– There is none! Order as you see fit and we will deliver each time!


  • How much will I be paid and when from my distributor?

-We do not get into how much or when artists are paid as that is strictly handled by your distributors (distrokid, tunecore etc) Our focus is to simply deliver the amount of streams that you purchased.


Any more questions?

Feel free to ask us, we don’t bite!